Nice man that came out he was very therol.
Linda E Boling 
The termite technician was a very good worker and so pleasant! He finished the treatment in a matter of hours. If it is as effective on termites as it has been on the tiny, black ants, the house should be in excellent condition.
Joe Rocko 
Sadly, working in the social services field pest control seems to be a problem that I can't get away from. Jeff has been amazing at treating our homes. He's honest and will tell you what he thinks would be the right treatment for the home. West also warranty's their work. Bed bugs are easy, but it helped knowing that Jeff and his team cared enough to follow up and help lead me and my clients through this process. We first found out about West Termite when one of the individuals we served got bed bugs in his Springdale apartment. The apartment called Rid-A-Pest to do the job. After numerous treatments they were unable to fix the problem. After calling West Termite they used a specialized treatment to draw out the bugs from the walls. Since then West has been my preferred specialist for all things pest. I even use them at my house to treat the grass and spray for ants.